Chosen form of presentation & Final Layout

When it comes to how my pictures will be presented, I have a choice of two magazines – National Geographic and Guardian Weekend Magazine – or two exhibition spaces – Zandra Rhodes Gallery or Nucleus Arts Gallery. Out of the four choices, I have chosen to present my images in the National Geographic because it’s the choice I’m most familiar with and a magazine I admire. Additionally, after looking through a friend’s copy of one of the National Geographic issues, I was really drawn to the different ways of laying out images to form a several page spread. It was by looking at other issues and spreads both physically and online that I got inspiration for how I wanted my project to be laid out. One of my favourite layouts is that which I found on, because I really liked the way it was laid out with a strong focus on the pictures with very little text.


It was looking at these layouts that allowed me to estimate the size I’d need my pictures to be to fit on the pages in similar ways, such as the page with three image taking up the whole space. This page was something I definitely wanted to do for my own spread and I knew it would require cropping to make it happen. The final layout would like this:





Schubert, A. (2012) Lemon and Raspberry [online blog] In: At:


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