The Shoot & Produced Images

Looking through Chris Jordan’s work wasn’t only really inspirational when it came to my own project, but it the statistics he supplies with each image were also really educational. It was really interesting to read about the amount of plastic bags in the ocean as well as to see those statistics alongside his physically embodiment of those numbers. Whilst thinking about what I wanted to do for myself I was reminded of a scene I’d seen in a horror movie years before. I couldn’t remember the title of the movie and nor was the movie itself or the genre relevant to what I had in mind but there was a scene that stuck out to me in which black hair grows in the corner of the ceiling of a room. Thinking back on that scene, the hair almost resembles thick black oil, another well-known polluter of the earth’s oceans due to human carelessness. I wanted to do something similar with plastic carrier bags to almost give the subtle impression of plastic bags growing and taking over an environment.

To do this I bought three large sheets of card on which I arranged and stuck down pieces of the various plastic bags that I had cut up and folded to put into place. It took me four days to complete all three sheets of card but this was mostly due to the fact that it quickly became a tedious task and I have a very short attention span.

Although I knew I wanted to take some corner shots, I also experimented with taking pictures of the plastic covered card itself, wanting to capture it in a variety of different ways. I used both flash and a tripod before deciding I found it much easier to take the images without a tripod and that the flash was reflecting off the plastic in a way I wasn’t happy with. I also experimented a little with taking pictures of screwed up and ripped up pieces of the bags themselves, taking inspiration from Vilde Rolfsen’s ‘Plastic Bags Landscapes’.

_MG_3776 _MG_3779 _MG_3780 _MG_3782 _MG_3783 _MG_3801 _MG_3810 _MG_3842 _MG_3843 _MG_3846 _MG_3848 _MG_3850 _MG_3851 _MG_3852 _MG_3853 _MG_3854 _MG_3855 _MG_3856 _MG_3857 _MG_3861 _MG_3863 _MG_3870 _MG_3871 _MG_3874 _MG_3876 _MG_3877 _MG_3879 _MG_3891 _MG_3893 _MG_3894 _MG_3933 _MG_3938 _MG_3941 _MG_3942 _MG_3944 _MG_3947

_MG_3911 _MG_3887 _MG_3878 _MG_3869 _MG_3868 _MG_3867 _MG_3866 _MG_3859 _MG_3858 _MG_3800 _MG_3797 _MG_3795


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