Vilde Rolfsen

Plastic Bag LandscapesI’ve had people come up to me and say: “I’ve seen your work and I’ll never look at a plasticbag the same way again.” I want people to stop and think about the plastic cups lying around and blowing away. No one cares, because it’s normal. I don’t want to make this political statement with my images, I just want to create awareness around the issue, making people aware of it.’ – Vilde Rolfsen

Whilst producing work for her final project, Norwegian photographer Vilde Rolfsen accidentally stumbled across what would become a project she’d be very passionate about. Rolfsen was born into what she calls ‘a use and throw culture’ which in turn has influenced her interest in consumerism and the relationship between humans and objects. By removing every day throwaway objects – such as plastic carrier bags – from their original function, she feels that she is challenging society’s perceptions of everyday objects by forcing people to look at the object as an aesthetic instead of just something of use.

Whilst working on another project, her eye was caught by the plastic bag in which she’d been using to carry the objects she was originally photographing. She began taking photographs of the bag, interested by the way the light caught it at certain angles. The series ‘Plastic Bag Landscapes’ is made up of a collection of photographs of the inside of plastic carrier bags. Through the use of light and different coloured cardboard, Rolfsen was able to play with perspective, thus forcing people to see the bags as more than just an object of use but also as individual imaginary landscapes.

Plastic Bag Landscapes

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